what is Conscious Entrepreneurs

What more could make your executives happier than associates returning to their daily lives empowered, really empowered, to take on the challenges and responsibilities of work and home. Ellen believes business, management and leadership issues are distilled into the three business Ps –- People, Profits and Problems. Provide the resources for the People to evaluate their mindsets, attitudes and beliefs — self-limiting beliefs and the other two issues will get solved.

Keep in mind that, People don’t fail to plan; they fail at the specific action steps to achieve… And, as a result, they end up sabotaging themselves!


  • By complicating simple process
  • By making too many plans
  • Not having a clear concise roadmap to get them where their soul desires to be.


Ellen loves to facilitate workshops which she calls FUN-SHOPS, because the idea is not to work yourself out, but to have fun as you expand your mind and resolve to evolve. She creates a sacred space that allows the experience of rewiring your body-mind with new knowledge, insight and resources to reprogram your desired life-style. These are the topics that have helped many individuals during Ellen’s keynote presentations.


  • Three Keys to Shifting to live your Ideal Life
  • How to become Emotional Fit and Strong
  • From brokenness to boldness
  • The Gift in Being Vulnerable
  • Rewiring your Body Mind

For Conscious Leadership Fun-Shops for Conscious Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.

Conscious Leaders are valued creators whose main goal is to provide eco-friendly products that have greater quality. With this mindset producers, suppliers, clients, employees and stakeholders all benefit. She show attendees how everyone wins… In this environment the business culture is Employee-Perineurial. This serves any Conscious Business because employees love what they do and understand the value that they bring into any business.


What is the difference between Conscious leadership Funs-Shops and other Leadership workshops?

Ellen Fun-Shops focus on the impact of Conscious Leaders who are yearning to create a better business environment.  As she put it well; Conscious leaders have a student (beginner’s) mentality at all time, which allows them to be open to new innovative ideas of doing & creating products and services. Conscious Leaders are focused on creating value for everyone involved.

Our Conscious Fun-Shops include:

  • Unleashing your conscious leadership skills
  • How to create leaders vs followers
  • Value-creating leaders
  • Your Spiritual Evolution
  • Unmask Your Secret Super Power

Learn How You Can Make an Immediate Impact That Will Boost Your Influence and Make A Lasting Impression

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