Ellen’s Journey

Ellen's Life Journey

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on Fire” Ferdinand Foch

The statement above moved Ellen instantaneously so much, that from that moment on she adopted it as a guiding principle of her life’s mission … Inspiring people to discover and ignite the fire within their soul.

Ellen currently resides in New York City, which is a contrast to the tropics of Honduras Central America where she was born and spent the first 14 years of her life. She nostalgically cherishes the memories of growing up feeling free.  Free like that of the soaring tropical Scarlet Macaw with it’s brilliance of Red, Yellow and Blue feathers.

As a young girl in Honduras when asked what she wanted to become when she grew up.  She would always answer, A teacher.” Two of her uncles were teachers and she always admired and respected her elementary school teachers. The unique life lessons she learned from these early educators were instilled in her and have been carried through today where she is deeply passionate about helping people maximize their quality of life.

At a very young age she felt drawn to teaching.  Arriving in the states as a young teenager, it didn’t take many days in public school to see the general lack of respect teachers received from the students causing her to shy away from the formal teaching profession…yet I always felt my calling was to teach others.

In her late 20’s Ellen joined the financial industry where she taught the art of asset management…. increasing personal assets.  Here she found an outlet for her pent-up passion for educating but especially showing the way.  Many of her clients took to the empowerment taught in her program and turned around their financial direction in weeks.  Ellen began to see a pattern, with the financial breakthroughs an accompanying life breakthrough shortly followed. For some it was in their current jobs or professions and for many it was their loving and intimate family relationships.

Amazed by the rapid improvements in her clients` harmony of life motivated her to begin what has become an ongoing journey of self-development.

The more I learned about me the more inspirational my educational sessions became.  My personal breakthroughs have helped me discover that our creator has guided me to where I am today…sharing the “Greater Truth.”   Using my new life skills, I show people how re-adjusting their beliefs about life and business to bring harmony and higher life expression versus their conditioned mind self-based on fear and obligation…. the one swarming with ants (automatic negative thoughts.)”

 One of her clients couldn’t see their future was full of abundance but to Ellen it was obvious.

“When she told me that, it was like my future that was in pitch black darkness was suddenly illuminated by powerful flood light.” Rita Brown

Ellen fully believes you will be amazed by the great person that lies within you waiting to be awakening to your true nature, where you will have abundance in every area of your life.  Everyone has greatness hidden by your past life experience, let her illuminate your audience personal and professional future.

I invite you to join or hire Ellen in her journey of enlightenment and harmonious wealth – let her light up your audience life!

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