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Ellen Suazo

Ellen’s Personal vision is to contribute and stimulate individual’s and group’s consciousness.  Participants will then recognize who they are and whose they are, which will assist them in creating a world that is inclusive of all, regardless of seemingly differences.


“The quality of a mind would determine how the ego would react to a given challenge.”

Swami Chinmayananda

Let your audience be Empower, Inspire and moved to nurture and feed their fire.   They will discover how their individual belief system, and mind-wiring is a direct reflection of their choices, decisions and actions — in totality – up to then.  A shocking revelation for most.

If your purpose is to inspire and motivate groups, individuals, employees or entrepreneurs, Ellen is your ideal inspirational speaker who can get your audience to Readjust, Renew and Transform their life.  She shares proven insights and resources that are simple to implement in living their personal and/or professional life with passion, oppose to living in fear and obligation.

Ellen’s core speaking themes are easily customize to audience needs.  As each theme delivers Fun-Shop (workshop) or keynote speaker is uniquely facilitated to make a lifetime impression.   Ellen’s intention is to offer an impressive  interactive experience not to overwhelm your audience with  information leaving them so numbed and drained after the event that they don’t know where to start!

So, by this time you have probably concluded that Ellen’s speeches are more than …jumping up and down… screaming out loud … pounding on the podium-type…. motivation or pulling a rabbit out of the hat.  Those examples are enjoyable but strictly for entertainment.  You know the type, when attendees are asked about the event and they find it difficult to remember anything other than food quality.

“The quality of a mind would determine how the ego would react to a given challenge.”  Swami Chinmayananda

What more could make your executives happier than associates returning to their daily lives empowered, really empowered, to take on the challenges and responsibilities of work and home.  Ellen believes business, management, and leadership issues are distilled into the three business Ps – People, Profits, and Problems.  Provide the resources for the People to evaluate their mindsets, attitudes, and beliefs — self-limiting beliefs — and the other two issues will get solved.

Keep in mind that, People don’t fail to plan; they fail at the specific action steps to achieve and, as a result, they end up sabotaging themselves!

  • By complicating simple process
  • By making too many plans
  • Not having a clear concise roadmap to get them where their soul desires to be.

Ellen loves to facilitate workshops which she calls FUN-SHOPS because the idea is not to work yourself out, but to have fun as you expand your mind and resolve to evolve.  She creates a sacred space that allows the experience of rewiring your body mind with new knowledge, insight and resources to reprogram your desire life-style.  These are topics that have helped many individuals during Ellen’s keynotes presentations.

  • Choices That Change Your Life
  • Rewiring your Body Mind
  • How to become Emotional Fit and Strong
  • From brokenness’ to boldness
  • Vulnerable or Not

       and finally

Conscious leadership Fun-Shop for Conscious entrepreneurs / small business owners.

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Successful Stories

This presentation is very insightful.  I did not know that snakes could die from not releasing their own venom. Wonderful way to give advice.

Norma S

I like using challenges or concerns instead of problems, too. It takes awareness and practice to make the shift in our vocabulary

Ron Smith HR
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