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Ellen Suazo

Ellen’s Personal vision is to contribute & stimulate individual and group consciousness. Participants will then remember who they are. This will assist them in creating a world that is inclusive of all regardless of seemingly differences.

“The quality of a mind would determine how the ego would react to a given challenge.”

Swami Chinmayananda

Let your audience be Empowered, Inspired and Moved to nurture and feed their fire. They will discover how their individual belief system thus mind-wiring is a direct reflection of their choices, decisions and actions — in totality -– up to them. A shocking revelation for most.

If your purpose is to inspire and motivate your audience whether they are employees or entrepreneurs, Ellen is your ideal inspirational speaker. She can get your audience to Readjust, Renew and Transform their life. She shares proven insights and resources that are simple to implement in living their personal or professional life with passion, rather than living in fear and obligation.

Ellen’s core speaking themes are easily customized to audience needs. As each theme delivers Fun-Shops (workshop) or keynote speech, uniquely facilitated to make a lifetime impression. Ellen offers an interactive experience that motivate attendees to take action to make an impact in their personal and professional life. The idea is not to overwhelm your audience with so much information and leave them so numb & drained that they don’t know where to start after the event, but rather inspire them to implement traceable actions!

So, by this time you have probably concluded that Ellen’s speeches are more than… jumping up and down… screaming out loud… pounding on the podium-type… motivation or pulling a rabbit out of the hat. Those examples are enjoyable but strictly for entertainment. You know the type, when attendees are asked about the event and they find it difficult to remember anything other than food quality. Read More..

““Man can alter his life by altering his thinking.”   — William James

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Successful Stories

Ellen, she is a detail-oriented speaker who never loses sight of the strategic objectives. She is also a very wonderful person.

Gail Ford, Lead Admin. Assistant at AXA Equitable

“Highly personal, passionate about her faith and service to others”

W. Bill Smith
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