About Me

Ellen Suazo

Personal Vision:  Ellen’s Personal vision is to contribute and stimulate individuals and groups consciousness to where they recognize who they are and whose they are, which assist in creating a world that is inclusive of all regardless of seemingly differences.

Personal Mission:  Her personal Mission is to assist others in rediscovering their Spiritual Truth by sharing the ancient teaching and practices of Universal-Spiritual Laws and Principles that help individual discover an inner Power and access spiritual tools that transform personal and professional lives to make the world a better place,  a World that Works for Everyone

Background:  Ellen began her spiritual journey at the age of 6 when she first became acquainted with the soft loving still voice that guided her and saved her from been a victim of sexual abuse. Since then Ellen has known deep within regardless of teaching and dogma that she was raised into that, God is a loving God and that as long as she listen and obey that soft loving still voice all is well regardless of appearances.

Ellen was born and raised Catholic and visited many different religions searching for teachings that aligned with her inner guide.  In 2006 Ellen came across “New Thought” teachings, a philosophy that resonated with her inner being and she knew, that this was what she have been searching for.  She finally found Universal Teachings that spoke her Soul’s language and truth.

Ellen is currently serving on One Love Center Board of Directors for the Centers for Spiritual Living.  She is an experienced Diversity Commission facilitator in high demand across the Nation and formal Counselor for Victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assaults. Ellen is an entrepreneur at heart.  She is a Wholeistic Life and Professional Coach, Author, and Inspirational Speaker.

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